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JTS PMM-4 Personal Monitoring Mixer P4M


JTS CX-500F Flute Condenser Microphone, Cardioid


JTS JS-1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


JTS NX-8.8 Vocal Condenser Microphone, Cardioid


JTS NX-8 Vocal Dynamic Cardioid Microphone for Live Sound Stage Singers


JTS Vocal Mic Live Performance Kit - NX8 with Cable and Stand


JTS FGM-62 Dual Carbon Boom Condenser Multipattern Microphone


JTS CX-500 ~ Subminiature Condenser ~ Instrument Microphone ~ Omni-directional


JTS JS-1 TUBE Condenser Microphone, Multi-Pattern 9 Patterns


JTS CM-601 Unidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphones Stage Church One pair


JTS CX-508 Condenser Woodwind Wired Microphone


JTS FGM-170 Carbon Boom Condenser Choir Microphone


JTS JS-1 USB Studio PC Recording Microphone


JTS JS-22 MXC Condenser Microphone with ST 5000T Stand


JTS GML-5212 12-Inch Gooseneck Pulpit Podium Microphone, Multi-Pattern


JTS NX9 budget Instrument Microphone Pack with XLR cable


JTS CM-502 Grey Vocal Condenser Cardiod Hanging Choir Microphone


JTS NX-9 Instrument Condenser Microphone, Cardioid


JTS UHF PLL Professional Wideband Handheld Wireless Mic System True Diversity


JTS CM-204UL ~ Headworn Professional Uni-directional Microphone ~ Beige~~NIB


JTS CM-801B Earpiece Microphone


JTS NX-9 Instrument Condenser Microphone for Live Sound Instrument Micing


JTS GML-5218 Condenser Microphone - Installation style - mulitiple capsules


JTS CM-502 White Vocal Condenser Cardiod Hanging Choir Microphone


Jupiter Tenor Saxophone Model JTS 689-687


JTS NX-88 Condenser Microphone for live performance and studio quality sound


JTS TM Series TM-929 Performance Microphone With Case And XLR Cable


JTS CM-501 Clip on Lapel Mic


JTS US-901D UHF Wireless Microphone PLL True Diversity Receiver 782-806MHz


JTS CARVIN Audio UHF PLL Diversity USM-16 CH Wireless Microphone Receiver Module




Micro gooseneck for accordion JTS CX516 CX-516 powered in phantom 48V


Dynamic Microphones ( 2 in all) with stands and cables Model JTS PDM 3 $39.99


Microphone JTS CX500F CX-500F PRO phantom 48V for flute, bagpipes, winds


Micro accordion violin sax JTS CX508 CX-508 pliers gooseneck Phantom 48V


Micro pliers JTS CX-506W mini gooseneck mini-XLR4 : brass, violin, accordion


Micro Accordion JTS CX-516W gooseneck (for supply PS-500 or HF) Accordion mike


JTS Vocal Performance Microphone NX-8 with case and mic holde